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As consumers, most people only see the exteriors of companies as expressed by their marketing and branding strategy. While it is ads that catch our attention, it is the products or services they illustrate that actually play a role in our lives. Sometimes, a purchase lives up to our expectations fully; on other occasions, it doesn’t. Additionally, consumers may not grasp the details of the manufacturer’s business practice, and become uncomfortable upon learning less-than-desirable information.


In January of 2012, popular radio program This American Life aired a story that explored the factory conditions of popular electronics group Apple. Mike Daisey, a devotee of Apple, visited the Foxconn facility that produces the majority of the wares, and found a story that compelled audiences. He found that many employees took exceedingly long shifts, some more than 24 hours, and that a number of staff members under 15 years old lied about their age to secure the position. Furthermore, explosions at several factories resulted in four fatalities and 77 injuries. In response to the negative media splash, Apple responded quickly, claiming that the group employs a rigorous auditing process that measures against the supplier code of conduct. Still, the episode and ensuing articles left many Apple users uneasy about the origin of their favorite gadgets and possibly hesitant about their loyalty to the super-brand.


Apple’s dilemma, while pressing, faces many successful manufacturers–and their audiences. In a culture where buying and selling play a large role in life, it grows increasingly important to understand who we support. By learning about their values and objectives, we may form decisions confidently. Poised to educate the interested consumer, Studyindustry.com offers information and analysis of companies and entrepreneurs big and small.


  • Goldco Precious Metals: Precious Metals Investments

    Goldco Precious Metas was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Woodland Hills, in San Fernando Valley, California. Trevor Gerszt established the company to help clients wanting to add precious metals to IRAs and 401Ks, as a tool to diversity their retirement portfolios and physically preserve their individual wealth.

    As stated by the company, precious metals are widely acknowledged by investors and economists as a hedge agains runaway government spending and excessive money printing by the Federal Reserve. The Gold IRA Experts at Goldco Precious Metals, have for years assisted investors take advantage of

  • Scopely: Monetizing Touchscreen Games

    Scopely is based in Culver City, California and was founded in 2011. It is a leading touchscreen entertainment network. The firm partners and collaborates with elite game developers and global entertainment companies to bring industry leading distribution and monetization technology to free to play games.

    It oversees marketing, analytics, ads, business development, live ops, quality assurance, community management, and more, empowering developers to focus on building and refining great gameplay experiences to earn the loyalty and love of millions of players around the world.

    Scopely is in the business of fun. Everyday the company focuses

  • Restore Health: Personalized Health

    Restore Health Pharmacy has established a reputation among physicians for providing personalized medications and guidance that truly make personalized medicine possible in patients’ lives.

    The company is the first trusted national brand wholly dedicated to bringing personalized medicines to healthcare providers across the US. Restore Health which is based in Madison, Wisconsin delivers personalized and speciality medicines to physicians and their patient through cutting-edge diagnostics, including genetic testing, custom pharmacies and service networks that stretch from coast to coasts, and clinical staff focused on working with customers to provide the best personalized medicine solutions