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As consumers, most people only see the exteriors of companies as expressed by their marketing and branding strategy. While it is ads that catch our attention, it is the products or services they illustrate that actually play a role in our lives. Sometimes, a purchase lives up to our expectations fully; on other occasions, it doesn’t. Additionally, consumers may not grasp the details of the manufacturer’s business practice, and become uncomfortable upon learning less-than-desirable information.


In January of 2012, popular radio program This American Life aired a story that explored the factory conditions of popular electronics group Apple. Mike Daisey, a devotee of Apple, visited the Foxconn facility that produces the majority of the wares, and found a story that compelled audiences. He found that many employees took exceedingly long shifts, some more than 24 hours, and that a number of staff members under 15 years old lied about their age to secure the position. Furthermore, explosions at several factories resulted in four fatalities and 77 injuries. In response to the negative media splash, Apple responded quickly, claiming that the group employs a rigorous auditing process that measures against the supplier code of conduct. Still, the episode and ensuing articles left many Apple users uneasy about the origin of their favorite gadgets and possibly hesitant about their loyalty to the super-brand.


Apple’s dilemma, while pressing, faces many successful manufacturers–and their audiences. In a culture where buying and selling play a large role in life, it grows increasingly important to understand who we support. By learning about their values and objectives, we may form decisions confidently. Poised to educate the interested consumer, Studyindustry.com offers information and analysis of companies and entrepreneurs big and small.


  • Caduceus Healthcare: Healthcare & IT Staffing

    Caduceus Healthcare is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm offers healthcare, information technology, and security, and scientific services for its clients. Caduceus Healthcare is a Certified and Verified 8(a) HUBZone, and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

    The firm is known for providing cutting-edge solutions, employing industry best practices, and providing excellent customer satisfaction. The firm believes that its greatest strengths are its exceptional personnel, their focus on quality, and their deep domain knowledge of the Federal marketplace. Caduceus Healthcare’s clients include the United States Marine Corps, the US Army, the US Navy,

  • Blueline Security Services: Trained Guards

    Blueline Security Services is based in Landover, Maryland. Founded by four active duty law enforcement officers with a combined 75 plus years of law enforcement experience, the security company is privately owned and insured offering a full range of security related services.

    Blueline Security is made up of four divisions: Uniformed Division (armed or unarmed), Executive Protection Division, Security Guard Training and Education Division, and Commercial Services. Personnel from any one of these divisions can be utilized to address the varied needs of Blueline Security’s clients.

    While some may view hiring professional security officers as

  • Gold Refinery of San Diego: Direct Gold Buyer

    As Gold Refinery of San Diego likes to point out, when you deal with them you are dealing directly with a gold refinery, eliminating the middle-man and thus guaranteeing yourself the most cash for cold. The company states they will beat any verifiable offer.

    The procedure they follow is straightforward. You can bring in your gold and they will test it and weigh it, right in front of you. Then they will make you an offer up to 99 percent of the market price. If you accept the offer they will pay you with