January 10, 2013

Accessories Galore

As the name implies accessories are not the essential item itself they are the add-ons. In fact you may be able to do without them. Companies like Apple make and sell the main products and really don’t worry about making the accessories.  Yet there is a thriving business in providing accessories for Apple products and other products as well.

One company that has prospered in the accessory business is nuCourse Distribution which is based in Garden Grove, California.  The firm is a wholesale distributor of accessories for electronic gadgets like cases, speakers for cell phones, headphones, tablets, and MP3 players.  It is a close advisor to resellers on the best Apple accessories, distributing to a large network of resellers all over the U.S.

nuCourse simply does not distribute goods. The company’s approach is to help the accessories resellers to grow their business. This means nuCourse tries to understand the needs of the reseller’s customers. It teams allocates a good amount of time to research the top brands to bring to its resellers. Resellers are therefore assured that the products distributed to them are the most sought after by the market.

Since nuCourse Distribution is based in Orange County, it has benefited from the environment in the area which is a hotbed for the tech industry.  It is part of the booming SoCal Tech industry and is looking forward to collaborating with new business partners in the region.

Business is certainly booming for nuCourse Distribution it made it to the list of The Orange County Business Journal’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies” for 2012. The Journal’s annual list is compiled by examining the two-year revenue growth of companies in the region.  In the distributors category nuCourse Distribution was first with a stunning growth of 734.1 percent.

The products it distributes may just be defined as accessories but the kind of business it generates stands on its own as being part of a very vibrant industry.