September 8, 2013

Advanced Chemical Concepts Inc.: Providing The Needed Materials

There are companies that provide finished goods to their own target markets such as the home, industrial or institutional sectors. These companies provide items ranging from food products to cleaners.

These companies themselves may rely on other firms to provide them the needed ingredients (or chemicals) to produce the final products. Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. is one such firm.  It was established in 2006 with a simple premise; establish a company that provides a value added service that the chemical industry wants and needs.

The firm has over 50 years combined experience in producing, selling and managing chemicals and chemical companies. It has strategic stocking locations all over the upper Midwest and is continually expanding its reach, both geographically and with product offering.

The capability of Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. includes formulating, new product introductions, just in time inventory efficiencies, and its overall knowledge and expertise in the HI& I industry. The firm manufactures many of its own products and is able to customize its surfactant packages and metalworking fluid additives based on the specification if each customer.

With its current performance it looks on its way to reaching its goal of being the easiest to work with, the most helpful, and the most innovative chemical supplier in the market.