July 25, 2013

B3 Solutions: Expertise In Several Areas

B3 Solutions does not claim to be a jack of all trades. It doesn’t spread itself too thin doing too many things. This company was founded around ten years ago and is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

What the company has expertise in covers five areas which encompasses a great amount of capability. This allows B3 to have a wide market in which it is experiencing rapid growth.  The areas where it has high-level insight and expertise are: acquisition management and contract administration; information technology and security; program management; and supply chain management and logistics.

Having been in the business for around 10 years the company has acquired a reputation of getting things done in a cost effective manner. It caters to both to the government and private sector although historically it has dealt with government agencies extensively.

In the area of acquisition management and contract administration B3 has vast experience ranging from acquisition strategies to compliance audit or contract administration. The company’s staff has deep knowledge in defense and civilian agency regulations and their many agency supplements.

B3 has a wide array of information technology (IT) services. Its services include network management and support like LAN administration and network operation center support. B3 provides information assurance such as security analysis, intrusion detection and remedial action plans. Among other services the company also provides end-user support like help desk operations, training and user documentation.

In the area of program management B3 helps organizations keep their programs on track.  The firm uses a proven, standardized methodology which allows it to proactively manage and guarantee continuous process improvement through a client’s organization.  B3’s project management capabilities can be utilized at any point in a program’s life cycle, from acquisition support to implementing business solutions according to contract standards.

B3 has the technologies, methodologies, and best practices required to successfully plan, design, manage, operate and maintain robust supply chains and logistic operations. It leverages its continuous process improvement approach to help clients optimize every step in the supply chain.

While many companies emphasize talent B3 Solutions not only has them but also has an ace – experienced veterans in their chose area of expertise.