June 27, 2013

BiblioLabs: Access To Digitalized History

Libraries are storage houses of history. Through books and great works of art we can peak at the past. Yet not all libraries are created equal and not all libraries are the same. Some have better funding than others.  Others may also hold a collection of books and materials not found anywhere else in the world.

In the past when one had to do research on historical matters one would have to go to the libraries where special rare books are found. With digital technology that is now beginning to change. Many of the special and significant libraries of the world are digitalizing the rare books and materials that they have.

This means people from other parts of the world can now read and see these great and rare books without even going out of their homes. Technology is the great equalizer, now access is more democratized. The problem is how are you going to do this? Each library has its own digital program different from others. Just because they are libraries doesn’t mean they are all linked together by one system. There is also the issue of sustainability. There needs to be some form of payment to be able to maintain these digital systems that the people will use to access the books.

BiblioLabs is in the business of providing access to the great books of the past in digital format.  The mission of BiblioLabs is: “We help cultural institutions engage their patrons in the digital age by enabling them to cost-effectively provide the best, unique products for research, education and literacy. The company is composed of 25 or so software engineers, historians, editors, marketers and community managers headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina.

The app that is used is BiblioBoard which is also a web ecosystem that connects tens of thousands of library patrons and consumers with digital archives all over the world. A profitable and fast growing company, BiblioLabs has a proven business model which is giving the world access to works that were previously not readily available to everyone.