January 17, 2013

Encompassing Real Estate Service

When it comes to real estate there are so many things to consider. Managing the whole enterprise can be a challenging activity. For Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM) it’s what they do for a living.  MMREM is a privately owned and managed company based in Arlington, Virginia.

The company offers real estate services to mortgage investors, financial institutions, local municipalities and states, and the Federal government. It thus caters to both the private and public sector providing and encompassing service to all the players in the real estate industry.  MMREM is national in its operation; dealing with this company means one is not constrained to a particular area or region.

The firm is capable of providing a wide option of analytical and transactional services to sophisticated stake holders. It also has deep knowledge in various state and local markets.

For the private sector MMREM provides competent real estate services involving due diligence, property management/disposition, and file review.  In the area of due diligence robust market analysis is employed to maximize capital.  This allows them to project asset values and ROI for every asset they manage.

In terms of property management the company has the capability to provide a complete line of maintenance services needed to preserve and protect properties while completely following the appropriate federal, state and local codes. MMREM also offers rent collection and eviction assistance services for tenant-occupied property. On disposition the firm has disposed of over 15,000 assets with sales over $1 billion.  Its expertise allows it to provide the highest return for its clients.

While the company has disposition expertise it also has acquisition capabilities. In behalf of its client it will manage the acquisition of assets which may be a handful or hundreds of properties in a single deal. MMREM offers services in the area of loan file review seeing to it the entire portfolio meet all the set requirements.  The company will also build loss mitigation and foreclose files for auditing purposes.

For the government MMREM offers Federal, State, and local government clients with a range of default and financial services.  It has proven itself in its many years of dealing with the government sector.

MMREM is one company that provides an encompassing real estate service with a proven tract record.