July 4, 2013

Enstoa: Making Company Data Useful

Enstoa, Inc. was founded in 2007 and has headquarters in New York City with satellite offices in Perth and London. Its clients are located around the world.

One area that Enstoa deals with is what a company already has or can generate. This is data. Most data are found in computers and databases. While companies can generate all sorts of data how to make them useful is another thing. The data may be in different systems. There is also the question of how to make the data available as quickly as possible. As a company grows so does its IT capacity and requirement. The IT aspect may have just grown as needed and made up of different patches of technologies here and there.

Enstoa is an IT consulting firm that offers its clients a different approach. It helps them spend less not more on IT systems. What the company does is unlock the actionable insight that is buried deep in existing IT systems.  It therefore aid companies make sense of their data. It helps its clients maximize the IT resources they already have.

Enstoa assist firms to proactively manage facilities assets and complete capital projects on time while addressing the key performance indicators that are of value to their organization and industry. With its packaged solutions that are customized to client’s needs it offers expert consulting, IP-rich Enstoa software, infrastructure, training and support.

The firm has expert knowledge of the construction process and know what the clients want which is to get more value from decades of IT investments. Enstoa’s solutions unleash the effectiveness of enterprise data while utilizing the applications companies are already using.

Enstoa caters to the healthcare, energy, real estate and education sectors. The firm provides business performance metrics, technology and architecture designing, business intelligence applications, development process automation, software configuration and development, enterprise application integration services and more.

Enstoa understands the power of data already in the hand of companies who also know the data can be of value but just don’t know how to extract it. They can turn to Enstoa for help.