January 24, 2013

Finding A Way

The U.S. is a huge consumers’ market. It is the world’s largest economy and the population has purchasing power. That is why you can find so many kinds of products in the U.S. that may not be available in other parts of the world.  The dollar has also weaken and combined with the competitive nature of the U.S. markets products may actually be cheaper online than in other parts of the world as well.

The problem is many of the companies where you can shop online do not deliver internationally. This has left many international customers out in the cold.  A company though has found a way around this. Shipito offers its customers a U.S.A address where the goods online can be delivered. It will then forward the goods to its international destination.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Online companies like eBay, Amazon, and BestBuy have more customers.  International customers can finally buy in the U.S. and Shipito makes money as well.  The company can also assist with purchases and arrange payment if someone does not own a credit card.

Due to its high volume of package shipments it can get discounts from shipping companies which translates to lower costs for customers.  The company also keeps advertising to a minimum.  It takes a no frills business approach and focuses on low cost and getting the goods delivered on time.

The formula is working as this is now a multimillion dollar business for CEO and founder John Vanhara.  The firm has headquarters in Torrance, California.