February 21, 2013

Focus On Disrupting

To disrupt something is not always a bad thing. In fact it may lead to a new innovative solution that can better handle a particular task which used an older technology or method.  Many innovations have appeared in the IT world that brings the market closer to the customers while lowering the cost of service.

Tellago is a software company that is out to make better products and services for its clients. It was founded in 2008 and based in Schaumburg, Illinois.  The company’s goal is to revolutionize enterprise software through services, solutions and products.

The company’s approach to solving complex problems  involve hiring the best technical talent in the market and provide the right working environment to produce outstanding results. Its practice areas cover Enterprise Mobility, NUI and Kinect, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Portals and Collaborations, RFID, NFC Solutions, Connected Systems, and Support Services.

To achieve the desired results Tellago leverages its technology expertise, domestic and offshore teams, Agile and Lean Processes, and open source supporters.

The firm’s products through Tellago Studios include MOESION™. This is a mobility platform that allows the management and monitoring of enterprise IT servers from a smartphone or tablet. Only taking minutes to install it enables you to manage all your IT servers, dozens of applications, and hundreds of scripts from anywhere in the world, at any moment.

Another product is TELESHARP™. It addresses the most common challenges of .NET application in the enterprise. This tool is designed to make .NET applications truly agile. Among other features it can centralize catalog of your .NET application assets as well as manage .NET configuration files.

SO-AWARE TEST WORKBENCH™. The product allows the modeling, execution and visualization of functional and load tests with just a couple of clicks. It makes the functional and load testing of complex Web Services much easier.

With its deep bench of technical experts Tellago is out to disrupt the IT industry and has so far profited nicely.