March 4, 2013

From Hope to Home

From home equity loans to variable and adjustable rate mortgages, lines of credit to government sponsored lending programs, fixed to custom rates, there are many ways to go about financing a home purchase. While many people might list owning a home as one of their lifelong goals, far fewer of them hold a working understanding of the financing avenues that make this possible. That’s where WEI Mortgage Corporation comes in.

After establishing in Rockville, Maryland, in 2002, WEI Mortgage Corporation progressively expanded their reach with a signature combination of customer service, technology, and strategic partnership strategy. Now active in nearly 40 states, WEI Mortgage Corporation takes pride in helping a wide scope of Americans achieve their dreams of home ownership. Recognized in 2010 with the Quality Lender Award from a prominent institutional investor, the company oversees a staff of multilingual loan officers who develop custom solutions alongside clients. Utilizing the company’s own loan origination technology infrastructure, WIN, for underwriting and processing, the staff thereby offers more one on one time to the patrons. The firm further serves its clientele with leads on deals as an active partner with real estate companies across the country.

A member of the Mortgage Brokers Association and accredited as a lender by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, WEI Mortgage Corporation offers a variety of products. Clients explore options including home equity loans, reverse mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, and many others. Thanks to the efficient operational strategy, network of connections across the country, and the dedication of the staff, WEI Mortgage Corporation continues to make the often intimidating or unsteady real estate market a more comfortable world.