March 14, 2013

Making Solar Energy A Realty

For quite some time already the potential of the sun for energy use has been known. With the ever increasing cost of fossil fuel and its dwindling supply, solar energy along with other alternative and renewable energy sources has become more attractive.  Yet desires and the actual use of something are two different things.

There are many obstacles involved such as the reliability of the energy source and the cost. There is also the convenience factor of just connecting to an established source of supply and not having to go through the unfamiliar process of putting up a solar system on the roof or on a piece of property.

From a business perspective it must also be asked whether it is a profitable undertaking to be putting up these solar devices for customers. Government has come into the picture with incentives for those who use solar energy.  Still at the end of the day what turns solar energy into a reality are the companies who install the solar systems. Customers may desire but without companies willing to take the risk of going into the solar energy business, solar energy will just remain a potential.

One of the companies helping to turn solar energy into reality is Vanguard Energy Partners.  The company was established in 2008 and is based in Branchburg, New Jersey.  It was able to install 23 MW of solar in 2011 and since its founding has installed 52 MW.

Vanguard is a solar construction firm operating nationwide and focuses on the design, building, and maintenance of commercial solar photovoltaic systems.  Among the projects it has completed include the highest solar array in world, one of the largest rooftop arrays in North America and the first commercial net zero electric facility in the U.S.

Vanguard has a bonding capacity of over $125 million allowing it to grow its project portfolio. A key to the future growth of the company is its Energy Maintenance Solutions (EMS) Division, which currently monitors and maintains more than 70 MW of projects. Its EMS team gathers and analyzes systems performance data. The valuable information collected is utilized to continuously improve the company’s system design and construction process.

Vanguard is at the forefront of turning solar energy from having vast potential into a working reality.