May 5, 2013

Media Math: Advertising And Math

Man has advanced in many fields. Among the most “in” advancements are in digital technology and information technology. Over the decades there have also been vast amounts of data on just about anything that has been collected and stored.

All these developments have found its way into advertising and are now being utilized by new companies who have found more effective ways of delivering the message to the right people or consumers. One of these companies is MathMedia. It was founded in 2007 and based in New York, New York.

The company has developed a flexible platform that allows ad exchange media buying utilizing supplemental 3rd party tools and data sources for enhanced targeting and optimization. Called the TerminalOne platform agencies and advertiser can use it to plan, execute, and optimize. It also enables the analysis of marketing programs throughout the digital environment.

MathMedia currently has around 260 employees. Aside from New York it also has offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and London. Employees own majority of the company. It has received funding from QED Investors, Observatory Capital & Catalyst Partners and Safeguard Scientifics.  In March 2011 it raised $14 million in Series B funding.

MathMedia provides advertisers with the tools to efficiently use their budgets to get the desired outcome.