October 31, 2013

ProtectCell: Wireless Device Protection

Technology has made wireless equipments more versatile. In this respect they can do many functions and people have found them an essential part of their daily wear. Some feel very insecure when they don’t have their cell phones with them. With their growing importance comes the concern when what happens if the devices are damaged or have been stolen.

This has created a niche for ProtectCell which provides various forms of protection for wireless devices which goes beyond simple insurance. A lost cell phone can actually lead to such unwanted incidence like identity theft. ProtectCell can offer help on this regard and other services as well.

When it comes to equipment and devices we often think of protection in the physical sense. Yet there is more to this especially when we deal with today’s wireless devices. These devices contain much information and protecting them is important.

Individuals as well as companies are now realizing the importance of protecting wireless devices and the data that they contain. ProtectCell, a company based in Novi, Michigan offers products and services that protect wireless equipment, the identity and data contained in them. The firm provides a number of plans that offer protection against loss, mechanical failure, and damage; device buyback programs, and identity theft protection.

ProtectCell also offers Digital Leash which provides backup of device data and the ability to wipe a device clean of data, lock it remotely, and use GPS to track it. The company sells iPhone Plans, Smartphone Plans, iPad Plans, and Tablet Plans.

For each of the devices you can have ProtectCELL DATA™ plan to protect personal information and identity. ProtectCELL DEVICE™ is a plan to protect your device from physical and water damage while protecting its buyback value. With ProtectCELL COMPLETE™ plan you can have the combined protection of the two previously mentioned plans plus other features.

With ever increasing capabilities of wireless devices and the amount and importance of the data they can hold having protection from ProtectCell can be a deterrent from unpleasant results of damage or lost wireless devices.