February 7, 2013

Providing The Needed Personnel

When an organization needs to have a specific project done it will usually require personnel. The work may be temporary in nature or long term and permanent. Instead of having to do all the evaluation and hiring of the new personnel many organizations turn to companies who can provide the personnel.

One of these companies is The Start Group. This company is based in Andover, Massachusetts and provides contract and permanent staffing.  It works on a national basis and caters to clients in all sizes and industries.

The firm has four highly specialized divisions, SaleStart, ALKU Technologies, ALKU Quality, and ALKU Government Solutions.

At SaleStart it concentrates on placing skilled sales professionals in work environments which best fits their capabilities and desires. The company has over 20 years of experience in staffing and sales. It has the nationwide connections, knowledge and expertise to match the desired sales personnel with the right company.

ALKU Technologies focuses on providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consultants on contract and permanent basis, in the field of SAP and PeopleSoft. The division supplies highly qualified professionals with working experience throughout the complete product suite.  This division already has a track record of meeting client’s needs within the given timeline.

If a client needs personnel expertise in the areas of quality and compliance within the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industry, then it can turn to ALKU Quality. This division provides methodology and resources to bring about compliant, efficient and effective execution of quality systems needs. The division’s team keeps up-to-date with applicable regulations and emerging industry trends to make sure every client meets FDA rules and regulations.

In support of intelligence, defense, and homeland security customers who are responsible for ensuring the global safety and security of the U.S. ALKU Government Solutions offers mission focused enterprise technology and military intelligence analytics based solutions.  It works closely with its customers and makes sure it integrates itself and its personnel with the company’s culture.

Providing the right skilled personnel can be a demanding undertaking that The Start Group has managed to master.