February 14, 2013

Seeing A Gap

Crunchy Logistics is a company that was founded in 2007 and has headquarters in Orlando, Florida.  The company’s existence is based on the premise that there is a gap between uninspired conventional information technology systems and leading edge technological advancement particularly in the entertainment industry.  It therefore develops and supports business critical and entertainment-driven technology systems for the world market.  To have the capability to do this Crunchy has established a team comprising of more than 300 technical gurus from 72 different cities in 31 countries.

Among the services the company provides includes the upcoming Leap Motion technology.  This involves a small device that is added to a computer to instantly change the monitor into a touch screen or hands-free gesture controlled device that provides more accuracy than a mouse and is as reliable as a keyboard.

In the area of digital media the company provides Audio/Video Design and Install services.  This includes the planning and installation of a client’s Audio/Visual requirements.  Crunchy will plan the entire project with detailed CAD designs detailing infrastructure wiring diagrams, equipment locations, symbol legends, and rack elevation for architect specifications. The project can be small like an equipment upgrade all the way to large scale redesign of the entire environment.

The firm utilizes state of the art digital media transportation and matrix system designed to handle all uncompressed digital and analog digital signals bandwidth with no distortion or skew. This matrix system can handle any type of input or display connected regardless of input source type and display capability.

Crunchy also specializes in making a firm’s media interactive.  The company has extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining touch-interactive surface. It has deep expertise in touch-based user interface systems. In today’s high-tech world Crunchy is aware that interactive media is becoming a corner stone in business-consumer relationships.  The company manages some of the largest touch screens in the world and takes care of hundreds of interactive media systems worldwide.

Other services the firm provides includes Prototype Development, Software Development and Mobile Software Development.

Crunchy Logistics is filling a gap and profiting quite nicely.