July 14, 2013

SpringAhead: Strength In Simplicity

In the software world being able to handle complex transactions is a must. Unfortunately the process or way it will be executed can also get complex, too. SpringAhead is a company that offers online accounting, payroll, staffing, consulting and hosting software for small and midsize business. Despite its broad range of offerings what the company has been focusing on is ease of use and ease of adoption.

The company was co-founded by Chris Farrell who is the CEO and Brad Pirtle in 2007 and is based in San Francisco, California. The co-founders share a distinct similarity; they are former chief financial officers. They thus know the world of finance and accounting like the palm of their hands. Things can quickly become complicated; they know a key factor to business success are clean, efficient systems.

Early on the company made sure that their software could be integrated with other enterprise software systems such as Quikbooks, SurePayroll and Aliign. The company has now been busy developing products’ ease of use, mobile connectivity and anticipatory technology.

What customers like about SpringAhead is the simplicity of using it solutions. SpringAhead now has around 2,000 companies that subscribe to its software by paying a monthly fee. While growth has been tremendous Farrell does not want to sacrifice on quality. It wants to continue providing software solutions whose simplicity enables clients to spring ahead.