June 16, 2013

StrataShops: Leveraging The Internet

Some of the great endeavors have to do with marrying the old and the new. Furniture making can be considered an old industry. It goes back hundreds if not thousands of years.  The internet is relatively new compared to the furniture making industry. StrataShops has combined the two to produce a successful online shopping company.

StrataShops LLC was founded by John Webber who is also the President of the company. It was established in April 2008 which was a very tough year for the US economy.  A good idea, properly executed can produce good results. StrataShops has been growing rapidly since its creation and has managed to do so while being debt free.

The firm is the parent company of nine e- commerce furniture and holiday décor websites. These websites include 201main.com-offering modern indoor and outdoor furniture; stonecrestfurniture.com-offering recycled plastic outdoor furniture; and wickercentral.com-offering outdoor wicker furniture.

There are many online shopping sites but StrataShops is one of those that have found its niche as proven by repeat customers. It’s not just technology that makes StrataShops successful. The people behind it have provided the right customer service and up-to-expectations home delivered furnitures which has led to its success.