December 30, 2012

Thirty Years In Business

If you’ve been in the furniture business for thirty years and still a going concern then you must be doing something right. Some businesses don’t even last one year. Thus Abbyson Living has some boasting rights having gone from strength to strength in its 30 years of existence designing and manufacturing home furnishing.

The company sells its products online and offers a variety of items for the bedroom, living room, and dining room.  Abbyson also offers its collection line which comes in leather or fabric.  As part of its effort to always stay on top with current trends, the company has focused on its different brands to help it maintain its growth and leading presence in the market.

Among its brands is Abbyson Comfort. This brand designs and manufactures advanced memory foam solutions for the bedroom. Another brand is Abbyson Home which will be launched in 2013. This brand will provide clients with even more home décor solutions including rugs and lighting.  The Musterring brand sells a wide array of modern and contemporary European style home furnishing. The brand SAGAS comes from Milano, Italy providing modern office furniture which is 100 percent made in Italy.

The way the company continues to make changes to move with the times it looks set to grow and stay around for another 30 more years.