December 19, 2013

WorthPoint: Valuing Items

Finding the true value of an item is everyone’s wish. For the seller he finds comfort that he is getting the right price while the buyer also feels good that he has not overpaid for an item. Yet getting the true value is not as easy as following some formula. There can be many things to consider  such as if it’s an antique item using depreciation it will not work. The item may be undervalued to a very large degree. Information is therefore important in order to value an item. Just where do you get this information?

One resource you can use is WorthPoint. It provides a steady stream of new data and quality information online. This empowers the antique and collectible industry by helping improve the pricing transparency that exists between sellers and buyers. WorthPoint’s collection and presentation of historical pricing data is assisting sellers realize better prizes and buyers gain comfort that the price they are paying is fair. When on field WorthPoint can be accessed through iPhone or iPad as well.

The company offers two choices, a do-it-yourself (DIY) model and access to a network of professionals (appraisers) with expertise in a number of collecting verticals who can offer a more detailed valuation. The DIY model is a comprehensive solution that provides a user with access to more than 136 million historical prices and images. The data is compiled from some of the leading auction houses and online marketplaces.  It has the largest database that covers up to 8 year of information.

For more in-depth analysis, WorthPoint offers access to a large network of “Worthologists” that will provide a valuation to them.

According to WorthPoint, every second three people conduct research through them to value their collectibles. Whether they find valuables in their parents’ attic or decide to monetize a few items during the slow economy, WorthPoint helps them discover their hidden wealth.

For getting the right value for ones items this is one reputable resource that should be on top of the list.